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Getting Ready for 2020

Hey everyone!  So with this fancy new year, we all know we are going to see some changes, but they won’t be too bad!  Here are some first steps for all my students.

  1. Set up your school gmail!
    1. Go to
    2. Your email is under the format:
    3. Your password is the default password (remember from the DTC, or when you had your password reset)
    4. After you log in, use the little gear in the top right corner to change your password to something you’ll remember!
    5. You can add your phone or another email to help recover your account if anything ever happens.
  2. In your email, you should already have an invitation to a Google Classroom from me!  Please join the class, and instructions for more setup are available then.
  3. If you want to make life a little easier, install any apps you might need on your smartphone if you want to use that instead of a device.
    1. This includes: Google Drive, GMail, Google Classroom
    2. Be sure to turn on notifications!
  4. Every day, material for the day gets posted by 8:00am, so look for new posts in the class stream or new classwork, assignments’ due dates will also show up under classwork.

For all my classes, there is a Google Meet every Thursday during the class time, feel free to use this for any questions, it’s going to be a little more of a free time to discuss things about the class or ask any questions you might have!  I can also offer help with any of the subjects we are working with or any of the platforms we are using.

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