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Daily Schedule

Welcome to Mrs. Sauer's Class of Sensational Second Graders



January 13-16, 2020 

Spelling: This Week’s Words are: Words with Consonant Blends (Test On Thursday)

 New: drive, please, slow, train, tree, clena, fly, free, grade, sleep Review: crash, plum, slip  Challenge: grease, braid

 Homework: Mon.- L 76B    Tues.- L 77B   Wed.- L 78B     Thurs.- 79B



This Week's Snacks:      Mon.   Adriana      Tues.   Esham       Wed.  Jonathan        Thurs.  Class


  • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: Please check your child's Homework Calendar for their current assignments
  • HOMEWORK READING: Your child must read each day for 20 minutes, to improve their reading and comprehension skills. 
  • HOMEWORK MATH: Most nights your child will have a worksheet unless it is a review or  test day.
  • HOMEWORK SPELLING: Study all 15 words (Test on Thursday)
  • Please send your child's library book daily.
  • Snack is at 2:30 p.m. Please send snacks individually wrapped and ready to be passed out .

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