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Leslie Clark

Welcome to our school.

I have worked in Magdalena since 1997.  I tried to leave teaching once...but I ended up right back here.  I love these students and I feel blessed that I have been able to have so many fruitful years in this amazing town.  My mom and dad both went to school here.  My mom has since passed on and that makes this town even more dear to my heart.  

I have laughed, cried and learned so much from the students I have had over the years.  I have had some of the most amazing people come into my life.  I really need a 'student success' wall because so many students have done amazing things.  I hope to have something like that up by the end of this year, so please, if you have a special story of success send it to me and include a picture so we can celebrate Magdalena Students!  My email is

Leslie Clark

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