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Summer Time


10 Kitchen Science Experiments


1. Dancing Raisins


2. Invisible Ink


3. Ice Cream in a Bag


4. Cabbage Leaves and food coloring


5. Can you sink a marshmallow?


6. Solar Oven S'Mores


7. Kool-Aid Puffy Paint


8. Two Toothy Eggspeariments


9. Rock Candy


10. Gummy Bear Science




3Ways to Earn Money this Summer



1. Odd Jobs

Ask your parents or neighbors if you can wash their car, clean their yards, walk dogs, or pull weeds. 


2. Sell Something

Make lemonade and sell it, ask a business if you can set up in front of them (don't put a lemonade stand in front of a business or house without asking). Have a bake sale or yard sale.


3. Teach

You may not believe it but not all adults and children know how to use their computers or mobile devices.  Start a business helping family and friends learn how to use technology.