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Jim Sauer


Hi !  My name is Jim Sauer.  This is a site that was built for you to get to know something about me, what we do in class, what to expect over the course of a school year, and view a picture of two of your kids involved in classroom activities.

It is my belief that learning has evolved....has changed.  In my day, I read about how to do something (how to make gunpowder or Nitrous Oxide).....and then, often to the consternation of my parents, I made it (gunpowder or Nitrous Oxide--laughing gas). Kids today, have different activities today.  Instead of spending a lot of time out-of-doors, an increasing number are spending a significant amount of time on iPads, computers, and smarty-farty phones.  I believe this might be one reason that learning has changed.

In today's world, acquiring reading and mathematics skills are more important than ever before.  Often, classrooms are set up to do only and do math out of a book.  To be successful, students must not only assimilate information, but also use that information to build something or solve problems.  Many of the programs and curricula that schools once used to bridge students into those skills sets (like drafting, art, wood and metal shop to name but a few) are gone due to lack of adequate funding. 

Once upon a time, there were "stay at home moms."  When kids came home from school, moms sat down with their children and got the homework started and checked.  Today's world is much more complicated and kids easily slip into the mode of getting behind in their studies.  

In my day, learning was based on listening to a lesson, then completing a worksheet or writing assignment.  Reading might be necessary, but not always.  Today is different.  There is a lesson and there IS reading to go along with that lesson, too.  Workbooks and worksheets still have a place in the classroom (mainly for building skills, accuracy etc.), but more importantly, there are teaching methodologies that can and should be used to enhance student interest, provide retention, and build practical skill sets for the students who will one day lead our state and our nation.  STEM methodologies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and activities built into the classroom lessons is a way to accomplish that.  Students learn best when doing after they have read.  Reading about how a telescope works is one thing.  It provides knowledge.  Building and using a telescope to answer questions provides understanding while developing a student learners skills towards application and analysis.  Leaders of tomorrow must use knowledge and understanding to answer questions and solve problems.  You will be seeing such projects over the course of the year.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve your child.  I thank you for the trust that you put into me.  If you have concerns, questions, or ideas, please don't hesitate to visit with me in the classroom after school, on the phone, or via email. 

Jim Sauer




Jim Sauer

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