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English III

Hello Parents and students,

    Well, currently, the Google Classrooms are not working, so ignore the information at the bottom of the page for now. Here is what I would like you to do:

  1. Use the website       and practice your grammar. It is important for  your writing. The site has videos, written explanations and exercises. When you complete an exercise, screenshot or email your score to me. I will keep them in a gradebook.
  2.  Read! Read anything you like. You can find many great books online if you can’t go to the library. After you complete a reading, write a summary and email it to me. I will keep track of these for a grade as well.  is a great place to find some short stories, or  go to  and you can find a long list of  classic novels.  Remember that a summary tells me who, what, where, when, and why… and then you must tell me whether or not you liked it and why!
  3. If you have a Khan Academy account, please continue working on your SAT practice for reading and writing!

Ignor the information below for now. We may need it later!

                                                                                       Mrs. Vega








Hello Parents and students,

        My name is Mrs. Pamela Vega and as you know, we are all now practicing social distancing and must now work from home. I will be continuing classes online in Google Classroom. To get into the class, you need to go to:

   and when it asks you to joins a class, enter:  kyq7a5l   

If you have any trouble, let me know via email, or through the comment section in the classroom! Together we can get through this and support each other. I look forward to hearing from each of you. Take care and be safe!

Mrs. Vega


Pamela Vega

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