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English I (Freshman)


Hello Parents and students,

      I will be posting readings, assignments and videos here for your classes. You can submit assignments through the comment box here. It goes straight to my email. 

If you have any trouble, let me know. There is a comment section here on my teacher page.. Together we can get through this and support each other. I look forward to hearing from each of you. Take care and be safe!

Mrs. Vega

https://://               This link is to the reading for class. Read the story, then write a summary of the story. Submit your summary in the comments below or send it to my email at:  


If you go to the “Educational Websites” tab on the left above your class tab, you can link to Grammar Bytes and practice your grammar there. Choose a grammar assignment and complete it. email me your score (screenshot is preferable) this will count as an assignment toward a grade or extra credit!

Pamela Vega

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comment posted by Barb Atwood on 04-28-2020
We can not able to connect by clicking the link... not sure what were doing wrong
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