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Weekly Assignments and Notes


Reading:  For the next several weeks we will be studying Energy.  Our first investigation will deal with Ben Franklin and how he "dabbled" with Electricity.  From here, we will read a story about two boys making an Electro-Magnet and in turn, will build one of our own.  From here it is into Tornado, then Wind at Work, and then a bit into Food Chains. Kids will make an electric wind generator (it really works) and then discect an owl pellet identifying bones from the creatures it eats.  We will assess on or about 6 November on our current story.  In addition to the individaul whole group reading, you should see a library book.  They should read out of this book every night for 30 minutes and test on the material every 3 to 7 nights depending upon the size of their book.  As a guide, 30 minutes of reading should equate to 20 pages of book.  

Language Arts:   We are learning the diffinitions of the different parts of speech and identifying word examples for each.  We continue to develop our writing from simple sentences to compound and complex ones.  We continue to broaden our knowledge regarding Latin and Greek root words (duc-means to carry, etc.), nouns (proper and common) as a part of speech, and identifying the parts of a simple sentence (subject, predicate, and writing a proper simple sentence using single and multiple subjects and predicates.    We will assess these activities on or about  16 November.  

Math:    Currently, we are working in Unit 1.  We complete one new lesson daily.  We have covered place value, standard, word, exponential, and scientific notations (different ways to write numbers).  We should assess the unit (there are 12 lessons) on or about the 23rd of September.   

Science:    The kids finished reading about the properties of light (physical science) and constructed a spectroscope.  This is a scientific instrument used to study the properties of light.  As they continue to read about light, they will also use the spectroscope to conduct their first experiment and journal pertaining to the observation of 5 different light sources.  I expect that this portion of the activity will finish up around the 16th of September.  They will be testing around this date.  

Social Studies:  We have completed the initial studies of Geography which included excursions into continental drift, where the continents are today, and identifying the individual continents and oceans.  Currently, we are learning about different kinds of maps and then we will finish up by learning how to locate different places using latitude and longitude.  We should assess these activities on or about 23 September.